Other Synthetic Composites

Composite Sheet Protection boards and Composite Soundproof liners falls under this category.
Composite sheet protection boards are corrugated sheets usually a polypropylene based board, semi flexible and double layered with integrated vertical support spacers intervals. These plastic boards are attached to bituminous and/or rubber waterproof membrane protection.
Composite soundproof barrier is specifically designed to reduce noise from enclosed areas where a high degree of soundproofing. Currently two types of soundproof composites are available which consists of PE laminated to non-woven and aluminum laminated to non-woven.

Composite protection boards

Corrugated sheet protection board consist of PP (polypropylene) corrugated sheets electromechanically laminated with either geotextile fabrics or PVC membrane….

Composite Soundproof Liners

PE-Laminated Nonwoven sound-absorbent liner is a polyester fibre nonwoven geotextile laminated with a protective PE film. This can be utilized to insulate against footsteps noise….