HDPE Composite Geomembrane

  • Geotextile laminated one or both sides of a geomembrane.
  • Geotextile increases resistance to puncture, tear propagation, friction related to sliding, and tensile strength.
  • Geotextiles are nonwoven, needle-punched and relatively heavy weight.
HDPE Composite Geomembrane Applications

Geomembranes have been used in the following environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation, and private development applications:

  • As liners for water reservoirs, radioactive materials, hazardous waste liquids, secondary containment of underground storage tanks, ponds, canals, primary, secondary, and/or tertiary solid-waste landfills, heap leach pads, solid-waste landfills as caps, power plant coal ash, mining, earth dams for seepage control, Beneath highways to prevent pollution from deicing salts and beneath asphalt overlays as a waterproofing layer.
  • As floating reservoir covers for preventing pollution.
  • To contain and transport liquids in trucks.
  • As a barrier to odours from landfills and to vapours (radon, hydrocarbons, etc.) beneath buildings.
  • To control expansive soils.
  • To shield sinkhole-susceptible areas from flowing water.
  • To form root barrier.
  • To face structural supports as temporary cofferdams.