HDPE Cuspated Sheet Composite

  • Geonet can be replaced with other drainage core materials such as HDPE cuspated sheets or geomats.
  • Composite consists of a thick HDPE impermeable cuspated core with a geotextile filter fabric bonded to one side, thus creating a highly effective drainage void. The geotextile filter fabric prevents penetration of the drain by unwanted soils, fines etc, which can block the drain. The impermeable core provides a void to relieve hydrostatic pressure and build up. They are commonly used in gas protection systems, cut off walls around contaminated land, at the rear of bridge abutments and retaining walls, and around buried structures.
Geo-drain Composite Applications

Geodrains can be utilized as:

  • As vertical drains, slope drainage for roads and highways, drainage around bridge supports, drainage on the backfill side of retaining walls, drainage for edge of highway drains, drainage facility for tunnel and infrastructure applications.
  • As green roof drainage boards to resist plant roots and decay.
  • For leakage detection of landfills, ponds & mining.
  • For leachate collection in modern landfills.
  • For methane gas collection.
  • As caps and closure on top of landfills.
  • For erosion control.
  • Sports field or golf course drainage.
  • Water seepage interception between rock face and tunnel lining.
  • Horizontal and vertical drains for culverts, basements, underground parking ramps and reservoirs.
  • As salt barrier to prevent damage caused by the capillary rise of saline groundwater into ‘sweet’ soils.