Drainage Composites

Geodrain composites can be used as effective filters and drains in environmental and civil works. It contains a core in the form of a quasi-rigid plastic sheet, it can be extruded or deformed in such a way to allow very large quantities of liquid to flow within its structure; it thus acts as a drainage core. The core will be protected by a geotextile, acting as a filter and separator, on one or both sides.
The emergence of such drainage composites, has eliminated traditional sand drains as a rapid means of consolidating fine-grained saturated cohesive soils. Geodrains are cost effective, easier to apply, and are not limited by environmental legislations. The drainage core in general will be HDPE geonet or HDPE cuspated sheets or Geomats.

3D tri-planar Geomat PP & PA Composite

The Geomat composite comprising a polymer drainage core connected to a protective and filtering nonwoven on one or both sides. It can be used in a variety of horizontal and vertical drainage applications. Combining drainage, protection and filtration in one product….

HDPE Cuspated Sheet Composite

Composite consists of a thick HDPE impermeable cuspated core with a geotextile filter fabric bonded to one side, thus creating a highly effective drainage void. The geotextile filter fabric prevents penetration of the drain by unwanted soils, fines etc, which can block the drain….

HDPE Geonet Composite

Geonet composites are designed to complement or replace sand, stone and gravel. It contains a geotextile drainage filtration one or both sides to keep silt and soil particles from clogging the flow or to increase the friction characteristics….