Geosynthetic Sand Mats

  • Sand mat composite is a three-layer geocomposite with encapsulated quartz sand that allows the installation of a geotextile filter under difficult site conditions.
  • It consists of non-woven geotextile layers.
  • It main advantage is usability in hydraulic conditions and easy installation during submerged condition.
Geosynthetic Sand Mats applications

Geosynthetic Sand mats can be utilized as:

  • It can be used successfully in scour protection, filtration and drainage, as well as in the construction of reservoirs, dams, roads, tunnels and waste disposal (land fill) sites.
  • It is ideal for use in all coastal locations such as seawalls, breakers, groynes, dykes and embankments.
  • Due to its flexibility, strength and robustness Sand mat has proved extremely durable in the protection of costal structures, due to the sand ballast contained within it and can also be used in underwater installations.
  • It can be used to prevent the erosion and displacement of subsoils in Coastal and other sensitive environments.
  • The Sand mat system is an environmentally friendly product and an ideal solution for use in waterways where high filtration efficiency, revetment stability and abrasion resistance due to wave action is required.