Geosynthetic Cement Mats

  • Cement mat is a flexible (pre-hydration) impermeable, fibre reinforced geocomposite.
  • Cementitious material that has a uniformly placed cement and sand impregnation within the geotextile fabrics which, after wetting, sets to a compressive strength of 80MPa concrete.
  • The geotextiles are non-woven polypropylene type.
Geosynthetic Cement Mats Applications

Geosynthetic Cement mats can be utilized in:

  • Embankments lining
  • Flood Diversion Embankments & Bunds
  • Drop Structure Drains
  • Spillways
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Channels
  • Bunds
  • Dam, Pond, Batters
  • Ground Stabilisation
  • Road Drains Interceptor Drains
  • Mine Waste Dump Caps
  • Irrigation Channels
  • Weed Control
  • Light Vehicle Roads
  • Foot & Cycle Paths.