Power prices the biggest problem for lucerne seed growers today.

By Andrew MacDougall October 21, 2015

Cheryl Stansfield is excited to announce she has just got on the ground floor to see the first fruits of her first seed company, one that uses natural chemicals as the starting material to create nutritious seed. “I love my natural chemistry, it gives me everything I want. It is like a breath of fresh air, you have control of everything you put into it,” she says.

“People always say that they want to grow up and grow strong – but with natural, organic, and genetically engineered seed they can also grow healthy and healthy seeds. That is what I am about – I want my seed to go to people who are hungry and need to take action to change their lives,” says Stansfield.

The founder of Merkle Seed is a Canadian lawyer and environmental activist, who decided to make her own seed when she discovered the beauty and potency of nature in the seed business. “I wanted to make my seed more valuable and I felt it was time for someone to give credit and provide a way that we were already good at,” says Merkle Seed founder Cheryl Stansfield. She has been working with scientists, farmejarvees.comrs and seed companies across North America for over four years and discovered a business that makes things happen.

“It is great to work with a small seed company as we have two major strengths in science and industry at one end,” she says. “We are able to scale quickly to meet the market. We work with farmers and businesses all over North America, including the Pacific Northwest region and the US East Coast.

This unique way to bring the market to people is not yet known to many, but the idea was to have seed come together. “We would not do it like a food corporation. You do a project, we start with the ideas and the design and you then do it,” says Stansfield.

This natural, organic, non-GMO seed is 바카라different, says Stansfield. “It has not been tested but we can now make something which is truly good for seed. It is not going to replace human companies. I call it the perfect hybrid of the two. There are great advantages and disadvantages to using these natural substances. The problem with using natural substances is that it takes many years to grow it and it will be a few years before you can do it. Natural s바카라사이트eeds are grown in soil without pesticides. You can get them in the garde