Harvey to return to saints school after ban at boarding school in Surrey

By Richard Garside

10 May 2015

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ken Livingstone, has revealed that he was expelled from Southampton Grammar School in England’s north because it was run by “radical social left” individuals.

Livingstone made these revelations in an article published in the Times of London on May 12, which was published while he was visiting Saudi Arabia. Livingstone was expelled from Southampton after it was revealed in March that he had used his seat in the House of Lords to secure funding for a radical Islamist school in London, known as the Saint’s Row school.

Livingstone is one of the many figures who have been expelled from the country’s elite prep schools by the government, which has in the past denied that it ever had an anti-Semitic agenda.

Following a trip to Saudi Arabia in April, Livingstone claimed to be under investigation by police in the US t다 파벳 카지노o determine if there was any potential for him to 인천 카지노travel to Saudi Arabia, which has an “anti-Semitic atmosphere” because of Saudi Arabia’s religious minority and its strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Speaking to the Times of London in March, Livingstone stated, “I’m an honorary member of the board of trustees of the Saint’s Row school, which I그랜드 몬 디알 카지노 후기 left when I was 17 to run myself and my friends there.” The letter from the government to a school that was banned from the House of Lords states that Livingstone “was under investigation for a potential breach of the Equality Act 2010.”

Livingstone, who served as the Liberal Democrat MP for Southampton before the recent election, and whose anti-Semitic rhetoric was widely reported in the Guardian after he visited Israel during his visit there in March, said that it was “inappropriate” for him to comment on his own expulsion in the press, but he admitted that “this is the first time in a long time I’ve had to do an editorial.”

He has stated that he is no longer interested in becoming a bishop in the Church of England, which, he said, “shouldn’t have been an issue.” He said: “I was made an example of by the Government but not only [that], I’m an honorary member of the board of trustees. I got it as a result of speaking out against the anti-Semitism of the Government, about the fact that they are promoting these radical social leftists [including Livingstone], to try and block them.

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