Chris bowen hails new era of democracy in labor movement, which will strengthen grassroots democracy

(CNN) From his office at his home in New Jersey’s Trenton, Keith Ellison holds no agenda for his party and no plan for America. That makes him different from his fellow candidates for Congress and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He has been the elected DNC chair for 24 years, taking his leadership of the party from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney.

But it also means that for some, he is emblematic of a new era of Democrats in the United States — one that will bring about new possibilities, new change and a renewed belief that this is a party that cares about democracy, justice and equality.

That view is shared in the Democratic caucus meeting after the primary election. The caucus is dominated by progressives, many of whom are proud of a strong progressive streak in the party and many of whom say they are working toward another leadership shakeup.

“I think we are going to see real change within the Democratic Party and among the base,” said Rep. Keith Ellison, who is a former congressman and chief civil rights o바카라fficer for the Congressional Black Caucus.

As a longtime labor organizer and leader in the African American community in the party, he said he sees Ellison as a strong role model for Democratic candidates moving forward to make “this the party of opportunity” and “an institution that I love and look up to.”

He said, “I also think he has a lot to offer the Democratic Party in terms of his energy and his commitment to economic issues…. We want to bring more leadership to the party, especially after this incredible run we have had.”

“I think that in terms of the direction of the party and its direnatyasastra.comction of the country, that I know that he has all the right values and all the right experiences and those things I have been looking forward to. That is very important.”

But for the majority of his colleagues in the House Democratic Caucus, his views are far less common than his enthusiasm for bringing “change to the party” with him. He and two other Minnesota congresspeople — Gwen Moore, whose district covers parts of the Twin Cities, and Keith Ellison — spoke with CNN on Thursday to discuss their perspectives and what the future holds for the party.

It was the first public remarks from 바카라사이트the two former Minnesota congressmen — an interesting turn given that Minnesota Democratic Party Chairman Peter Barca and interim Chairwoman Dawn Laguens recently gave several comments publicly about Ellison as a potential successor to Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz